Thursday, October 8, 2015

Travel & Things, the guest list,10/10/2015

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Ever heard the word "Instagram" but don't know what it is?
Renowned Instagrammer, Toby Harris fills me in...

I recently stayed at the 12 Apostles Hotel in Cape Town.
It had been an "aspiration destination" of mine for almost a decade!
Listen to what Executive Chef, Christopher Pretorius had to say 

Oystercatcher Trail
Fred Orban joins me to chat about the
Oystercatcher Trail.

I chat to Bruce Woodruff, MD of Awesome Tools,
who distribute Leatherman products in South Africa.


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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Prepare to be dazzled...we return to the Fat Zebra in Linden

I have to admit that I have not been back to this restaurant,
since my first visit in May this year.
No longer a "new player",
they have become a fixture.
Not only with the locals, but with visitors from other suburbs as well.
Just off the corner of 3rd Ave and 7th Street,
which seems to be the new "restaurant strip"
It was time for a return visit...
And my wife and I were dazzled
(For those who are unaware,
the collective noun for Zebra is a "dazzle")

I do like the exposed brickwork and the understated decor.
I was critical of the decor, but now that the venue has "settled"
it seems to work really well.
Less is more actually works!

My wife and I were there for breakfast and the place was "buzzing".
Our waiter, Craig, was a pleasure to deal with.
And the coffee is REALLY good.

Our "Cowboy" breakfast...
Great at anytime of the day...
Beans and poached eggs with bacon, cheese
and a couple of slices of your choice of toast.
My only "complaint" should be eaten with a spoon.
So that nothing is left in the bowl.
That being said, I could have used the toast fro that purpose...
And it was served in a PIPING hot dish.

If you don't want bacon,
try this as an alternative...
crispy pastrami...just as delicious.

A cool, retro coffee machine.
And a plethora of magazines to keep customers happy.
Owner Kevin has taken a decision NOT to install Wi-Fi,
and that means that people can ACTUALLY talk to each other.

There were only two cakes on offer,
but this seems to have been a constant since they first opened.
Hence it must work.
"If it ain't broke,
don't fix it"...

Some of the decor...
And there seem to be coat-hooks on every wall.
This is Johannesburg, customers want to keep their possessions close.
I still think that images of "whole" zebras would look great...

The inside of the restaurant is bright and trendy.
Now that they have been open for a while,
the "teething" problems have been resolved
and the service was quick and on point.

If you choose to sit outside when it is chilly,
then the supplied fleece will come in handy.
They have also added blinds which can be lowered if the weather dictates

Another view of the interior.
Speaking of views, I jokingly said to the owner that he should
put up a huge billboard with a picture of the ocean on it.
Customers currently look out towards the palisade fencing
of the local Junior school.
If only this restaurant was on the coast!

Time does not seem to be a consideration
for the customers at The Fat Zebra.
And a good thing to in today's fast paced life.
Time to stop and smell the cooking

From the pavement...

I like the "industrial" light fittings.

There is one table for 6 people, all the others seat either 2 or 4.
I should imagine that tables could be pushed together should the need arise.
When we stopped in for breakfast, most of the tables inside were occupied.

The Fat Zebra is popular with mothers
dropping their children at school
as well as those who wish to hold meetings in a calm quiet space.
I wish Kevin and his staff all the best for a long and profitable stay in Linden.
The comments made in this posting relate to our experience only,
and are therefore subjective.
Contact phone number:  082 469 5757.


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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Our new Orejen windows...Day one of the project.

After much measuring, plenty of oil and a patient wait at Orejen,
our new windows are HERE!
We have been looking forward to this day for several months.

The windows are all bespoke and were manufactured
by the Orejen factory in Pretoria.
All the measurements were done by Manuel,
who has been doing this for years!

When we bought our house, these windows were part of what caused
us to put in the offer to purchase...
When we looked at fitting the new windows, we did look at aluminium,
but the supplier wanted us to make the windows rectangular.
Needless to say, he did not get the job

These are the new arched windows that will be replacing the steel.
One day at a time...

Aside from the windows, the entrance is also getting a make-over...

All the wood has already been removed and
the entrance is awaiting the new construction

Our cat does NOT like strangers in our house.
As soon as the workmen arrive, she vanishes.
Only to re-appear as soon as they leave...

When we had our bathroom extension built,
there were settling cracks.
The builder did return to fix, but not correctly.
Now, hopefully, they will be done properly

Seeing that the majority of the "dusty" work is being done in the bathroom,
we decided that this window would be the first to be "converted"...

I was uncertain as to how this would be accomplished
without major demolition.
I was proved wrong.

Cuts were made through the one side of the window,
which  facilitated ease of removal...

On the inside looking out...
Phase 1

Phase 2: Owner John was on site to lend a hand.

Phase 3: All gone and without any damage to the window sill.
I do hope that all of the windows come out this easily

Phase 4: The first of the new windows go into place

From the inside looking out...

Phase 5: Glazing...although John's team fitted the windows,
the glass was cut and supplied by Linden Glass.
62, 6th Street, Linden.
011 782-9246

Phase 6: In place and ready to be finished off.
And with this installation, day one comes to a close.
I will be publishing postings as the transformation occurs.

The first wall to have all the windows replaced...
and what a difference it makes.
I cannot wait to see the changes that occur
once the main windows are converted.

This company manufactured all the windows. 

This was the company that installed the windows.
They also did the building repairs.


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