Friday, July 20, 2018

Indian wild life. The Langur Monkey. Pench National Park, India.

This rather aggressive looking primate is a Langur Monkey.
They are relatives of the Vervet monkeys that are found in Africa.
Although they are larger and with longer tails.
They are part of what is known as the New World monkey species.

They have a face that looks like a shrunken head
 from the jungles of South America.
 The males can weigh up to 18kg's, 
while the females are usually around 11kg's. 
We found them in large numbers
 throughout the parks that we visited.
Although mainly terrestrial and are usually found on the open plains,
 lightly wooded areas or even urban situations.
That being said, they have been discovered at 4000m in the Himalayas!

Once this male had started grooming, the female would not let him stop.
Each time he tried she would take his hand and return it to her back.
He seemed to be distracted by other females,
but this one was having none of that.

I have to admit their youngsters were cuteness personified!

The females are very protective of their young.
Like many of the primate species, 
the males are involved in the care of their offspring peripherally.

What is NOT to love about a face like this.
It was difficult to tear ourselves away from these sightings
as they were so entertaining... 
But first prize was finding tigers. 

A trio of females with youngsters.
Trying to keep them under control was much like
attempting to put an octopus in a bucket.
One tentacle in and seven out...
then two in and five out, etc.
These babies had to be hauled back on numerous occasions.
But eventually calm was restored and discipline prevailed.

"My what a big tail you have"...
Ready to head into the trees at a moments notice.
Even thought it might not seem like it,
their tails are never longer than their bodies.
The tail is carried in either this inverted "U" position,
or an "S".

When there are tigers in the vicinity,
the alarm call of the monkeys is the first notification
that danger lurks.
I was told that monkeys do not form part of a regular tiger diet,
but they are not averse to catching and eating them...
if the opportunity presents itself. 

"Run in the forest run"...
Langurs can be found on the ground looking for food,
but they are constantly on the alert for danger.
They usually run/walk on all fours,
but they have been know to walk upright on their rear legs.

We all have days where we feel like this!
Not certain if we should scratch or heads or our bums.

Our naturalist/ guide for the duration of our stay
 at Tuli Tiger Corridor, Omveer Choudhary.
In the background, our driver, Raja.

This is where we stayed while we were visiting Pench National Park
They offer two types of accommodation.
Either luxury tents or
chalet type accommodation
(which was the option that we chose)

Our trip itinerary was superbly handled by this travel company.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

African sunrises and sunsets. Always different, never forgotten.

As the sun rises over the African landscape,
it is time to head out on an early morning game drive.
Most guides will ask guests what they would like to see.
Nothing can be guaranteed and as a result I have no expectations.
But I have to say that I have never been disappointed.
Some drives are more exciting than others,
but at the end of the day there are always Impala!

THIS is a sighting that will get even a seasoned visitor like myself excited.
We were able to follow this young female for quite some time.
It was a great way to start of this particular drive.
But this posting is not about the wildlife...
it is about the sunrises and sunsets that were the bookends to each day.

There has to be at least one tree in an image...
And a cloud filled sky helps to set the tone.

This is probably a view that is shared by predators as 
they hide in the grass.
Avoiding vehicles and awaiting prey to wander by.

What might be hidden in this tree line?
That is part of the joy of being in the bush.
The uncertainty and the expectation of what MIGHT await.

Oh dam!
Not an animal of bird in sight,
but the perfect reflections of the trees was what captured my attention.
If only we as humans could be as calm and placid as these waters.

Another tree...another golden ball vanishing.
Yet another stunning ending to a day.

Where is that plane leaving a trail headed?
Would I like to be on it?
Not right now as I am in my happy place...

What goes up...

Must come down.

Subtle lighting on the game drive vehicle
as we enjoy an evening drink and snack.
Surrounded by pitch darkness every sound is amplified
and becomes a possible predator.
Even the sound of the ubiquitous Impala grazing.

The roar of this young lion telling us in no uncertain terms
that ONE day he will be the King of the Jungle!

With the sun sinking slowly in the West,
it is time for me to head to whichever lodge
 I currently find myself at.
We live on a complicated and complex continent,
but it will always be home to me.

My camera brand of choice for more than 4 decades!

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Bush gear to make me blend in...
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I have worn these shoes in the jungles of India
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Not to mention, many game reserves in Africa.
They are probably the most comfortable pair of shoes
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When I get home. I rely on this ISP
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This powerbank is my constant companion
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