Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Park Hyatt Zanzibar.

The stone says it all...
When I visited, the hotel had only been open to the public
for 5 months.
But they certainly have made an impression in a short space of time

Piyush Mittal, Director of Operations at
Park Hyatt Zanzibar.
He shared some of the history of the building and the hotel with me.
Hear what he had to say:

Clean lines and cool white,
together with oversized lighting
enhance the open public areas and corridors

Look up.
Unfortunately, the original roof had to be replaced.
However it was cleverly incorporated as an architectural feature.
The new roof is of German design

Looking back at the hotel.
An iconic Dhow sails by on the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean

Part of the Living Room.
One of the public spaces near the dining room.
All the these areas have sea views.

The Dining Room.
Blue and white fabric lends colour the the stark white of the walls

The Infinity pool...
By day...

And by night.

Who would not want to sleep in a bed like this.
A bed fit for a King...literally.
This can be found in the Presidential Suite

The view from my balcony.

There is a private room that is adjacent to the main dining room
that can be used for special occassions

Looking inwards.
From the patio into the dining room

One of the treatment rooms in the Spa.
Staffed by Thai therapists,
I have it on good authority that they were excellent masseurs.

Once your treatment is done,
guests can relax on this private balcony

One of the MANY water features that can be found both indoors
and outside in the hotel gardens

Time for lunch...

Or a juice at breakfast.
The staff were always friendly and smiling

The patio, being set up for breakfast

Unlike most oceans, the Indian is very calm.
And even when the wind was blowing, there were very few waves.
Thus making it idea for swimming and snorkeling

I chatted to  Executive Chef Teuku about his two signature dishes,
Zanzibar "themed" Nasi Goreng and the Banana Cheesecake.
This is what he had to say:

The Merry Media Mates with the Hyatt staff.
Naomi, Shanaaz, Julia(PHZ), David, Natasha(PHZ), Monika and Anush(PHZ)
"Kwaheri na kuwashukuru"
Hosted by Park Hyatt Zanzibar
Some of the pictures above were supplied by PHZ

During our stay, the excursions were co-ordinated by


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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Travel & Things, the broadcast. 25/07/2015

This July, I celebrate 21 years in broadcasting
and 13 years as a travel writer.

Listen to the broadcast here:

Who else have been guests on my radio show?
Use this link to have a look.

"Travel & Things" is rebroadcast on a Wednesday night
 between 19h00 and 20h00
This was the line-up for "TRAVEL & THINGS" that aired between 10 and 11am on
SATURDAY, 25/07/2015

1485am broadcasts live from its Johannesburg studio
and nationally on DStv audio channel 869.
Radio Today (@Radio2Day) also streams via its website:
AND on cell phones:

Kwandhare was in studio with me for this show.
Because I was going to be chatting about Dubai,
and having been there with me, he wanted to make certain
that I raised all the relevant questions.

I was wrong...we did chat about the rear end of elephants...
BUTT we also spoke of other "things"...
And she was "charmed" by Kwandhare

The Michael Olivier minute 
Food lover and wine guru, Michael will continue to chat about what is new and "hot".

Keith Jenkinson, General Manager at Inyati Game Reserve
chatted to me about the lodge and what the reserve has to offer

Lucy Mussett,account manager for Dubai Tourism 
and Commerce Marketing in Southern Africa tells me about Dubai as a destination.

And finally...
The dreaded unabridged birth certificate.
James Vos, the DA shadow Minister of Tourism,
tells me about the implementation of this document
that is causing more problems that E-tolls!

Kwandhare hard at work on his broadcasting techniques.
He makes a great traveling companion.

Thank YOU for helping me celebrate 
my broadcasting/ writing milestone.

This posting is brought to you DESPITE
Eskom load-shedding...
Thank you to BP fuel and a home generator!


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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Zanzibar, an overview.

From the sublime...

to the ridiculous,
and everything in between

One of the iconic sights around the island.
The Dhow is used both as a fishing vessel
as well as transport for tourists.

I spent a day out and about with Safari Blue.
In the beginning I was uncertain about a whole day excursion,
and was prepared to cut it short
However, I enjoyed the experience so much that time literally flew by.

Some of the locals outside my hotel.
They seem to derive pleasure from burying themselves in the sand

A lone kite-surfer in the fading evening light.
As seen from the balcony of Park Hyatt Zanzibar

A toast...
To new friends and experiences.

Food, glorious food...
Snapper served up for lunch at Park Hyatt Zanzibar

A far as I am concerned,
if I am on an island,,,
I am going to enjoy the seafood.

Apple crumble for BREAKFAST!

The "weirdest" looking lychee I have EVER seen.

Doors, walls and windows.
This is part of what makes Stone Town famous

Like this Indian inspired "anti-elephant" door
One of 200 similar doors that can be found in the town

The door hardware is interesting.

As are the dead-bolts and locks.
It looks as if someone tried to cut this lock.
But without success.

Kwandhare on his final night in Stone Town

Time to say goodbye to Zanzibar
and head back to a chilly Johannesburg

A final look at the azure blue waters of the Indian Ocean
and the verdant colour of the vegetation

A similar sight did NOT await us as we approached
ORT International Airport

The green had given way to the dusty brown of a highveld winter.
This was the view from my window seat as the Mango flight landed.
Hard to say goodbye to Zanzibar and the friends I made there.
But, by the same token, it is ALWAYS good to be home.

During my stay, I was hosted by

All the excursions on the island were organized by:

I flew to and from Zanzibar with this carrier.

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