Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Off to market we go! Ben Tranh was not the name of our guide...

The Ben Trahn market was about a block away from our hotel and we paid several visits there during our stay in Saigon...not because we needed to buy anything, but as an experience!

The flower shops that we discovered had stunning displays with flowers so fresh that they almost looked fake...
 There are stalls outside the building as well as filling every nook and cranny of the available indoor space!

The majority of the fresh produce stalls are on the 'edges' of the huge building...and although the fish, meat and veg seems to be served of the floor it is exceptionally clean with very few flies.

The market is under cover that means that inclement weather does not deter the shoppers

Fish and sea food are kept alive as I had been told that the local population prefer their food fresh and not frozen

No matter what you are looking for, if you search long enough you will find it...

I was too scared to ask what the sea horses are used for!

There actually is a map of the market but with an alley at every turn, it is easier just to search...

Food wonderful food...or perhaps not as I did not stop to taste

These could be exotic drinks or preservation fluid...again I did not stop to find out!

I discovered that the vendors can sleep in any position and they seem to be oblivious to the chaos that happens around them

This young fellow was enjoying a fresh coconut

I was assured that this could be done, but I was not prepared to take a chance...

The market closes at 6pm and EVERYTHING gets locked up our packed up and taken away, like these live Mud Crabs

And once it has closed, these Rickshaw drivers will tkae you onto your next destination...
For more market images,visit:david batzofin photography

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