Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Saigon through my lens

Welcome to "MY" Saigon...the city as seen through my lens...for more images, see all my Vietnam images at david batzofin photography

 Saigon to love it!

 Anything with two wheels is seen as transport...or sometimes three!
 The Saigon Opera house...built by the French

 Thsi is an office complex, with a helipad and a Hyatt on the top floors!

 Main Cathedral in Saigon
Statue in front of the Cathedral...

Interior of the post office

Decoration over the main entrance of the Post Office...also built by the French

This is the national sport of Vietnam and consists of kicking a heavily weighted shuttle cock back and forth...these guys that we found in a park were really good at it

Many interesting and wonderful statues...and NO graffiti...

Just some of the sights of the vibrant 24/7 city...

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