Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vietnam...our first week...29/05/11

                                                   VIETNAM ON MY BLOG

Please join my wife and I on our Vietnam adventure as we visit places and enjoy the sights and sounds that this country has to offer
Visit my web albums to see more of my Vietnam images:david batzofin photography

POSTED: The first leg of our Vietnam adventure

POSTED: Day 1 in Vietnam...we survive the scooters and the humidity...

POSTED: Sensory overload at the Ben Tranh market...

POSTED:Scooting about in Saigon

POSTED: We visit  the Cu Chi tunnels

POSTED:My emotional visit to this museum...please be aware that this blog contains images of people who have been victims of Agent Orange

UPDATED: Some of the dishes we have enjoyed and the restaurants we have eaten at...

POSTED:Some of the wonderful flowers we discovered

POSTED: Travels with my KardiaVale heart visits strange and wonderful places in Vietnam

POSTED: Our visit to the Mekong Delta...highly recommended! Truly an exciting day...

POSTED:Saigon as seen through my lens...a teaser for you to enjoy. All images are at david batzofin photography

POSTED:Our stay in Nha Trang...and our hotel by the sea! Images at david batzofin photography

 POSTED: Da Nang an Hoi An...sensory overload in these cities...and still a cookery class to come! Images  at david batzofin photography

COMING UP: We spend a morning at the Red Bridge cooking school...images already posted at david batzofin photography

COMING UP: A guide to our guides...they can make or break a stay...(this will be posted at the end of our trip)

If you are reading this blog in a non-English speaking country, please drop me a mail to let me know if you are enjoying it.

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