Monday, July 4, 2011

EFC 09...Not all the action takes place in the hexagon!


Once again it was time for cage fighting at the Dome in Northgate Johannesburg!
Each event is getting better and the fighters are certainly improving
But is that all the fans are coming for, or is the action outside the hexagon as interesting for them as it is for me?

 Firstly there is the audience...and they certainly are a diverse group of people...
 This woman could not take her eyes off the fighters...perhaps she had a connection to one of them?
This woman spent most of the night either smiling or screaming for the fighters.She, together with a group of friends,certainly seemed to enjoy the evening!

There are official photographers...

And then there are those who believe that a picture on a camera phone will actually do the trick!

If the fighters are for the women in the audience, then the ring girls are there as eye-candy for the there really any other reason for them to be there? Men can actually count!

The event would not be run as professionally as it is if it were not for the them or hate them they have an important part to play when it comes to the safety of the fighters.

 "What about the judges", I  hear you ask...they too have an important role to play

And  the "corner-men"? Strictly speaking there are no actual corners in a hexagon, but I am sure that you understand.These men are the engine that keeps the fighter going when he is getting tired or despondent...screaming, VERY descriptive language and lots of encouragement are as much a part of their arsenal as water and Vaseline

And what would a fight be without officials to keep it on the straight and narrow...

The tv director at dinner break...
The only reason this cameraman is blue is because of the lighting!
Of course there are those whose faces are never seen on the tv, like the director or the camera crew...

But when all is said and done, it is the fighters that make the event a success or failure!

"Hail Ceasear, those about to die salute you"! was what the Gladiators in ancient Rome used to say when they entered the it could be changed to say "Hail audience, we who are about to shed blood thank you for coming"!

Because without an audience, the fighters would have nothing...

The next EFC event will take place at Carnival City on September now as tickets sell out fast...visit their official web site...Extreme Fight Championship

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