Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Photographic tips...or not?

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The purpose of this blog is to help you NOT to take photographs like these on your next Safari
Can you see this image? No? then it is overexposed and should have been deleted. In the modern digital age, there is no reason trying to fool viewers into believing that this is an "art" picture

A headless Giraffe? Perhaps, but then in would be horizontal! 

Blurred or art?

Wait for your vehicle to stop before taking pictures.
Especially in low light situations...or is THIS art?

Around the boma fire?
But an untidy image and not worth keeping.

Why do people(myself included) take this sort of image?

Back-of-head shots?
Some work but most don't.
Try to get into a better position...
or press delete

There has to be at least one Elephant butt shot.
Because it a requirement of Wildlife Photography 101.

Dusk shots?
Only if your camera can handle the lack of light.
Flash photography turns Buffalo into "devil animals" and those are not good shots

Check your white balance.
Especially early morning pictures after having shot indoors at a lodge the night before.
This particular image was shot on a "tungsten" setting,
as I had not reset my white balance from the night before

But patience pays off and "that" shot is only 200 clicks away...

And when it all comes together, it is worth the wait and hours of pushing the delete button.
The best photography advice I was given  came from Barry Wilkins,
well known South African wildlife photographer and my early mentor
 ..."Keep taking pictures".
All the images on this Blog were taken with a Pentax K5,
 with either a Sigma 70-300mm or a Sigma 50-500mm

All images are the copyright property of  and may not be used without permission
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1 comment:

Grant Atkinson said...

An interesting blog post David
Definitely thought-provoking and especially so for those folk who may be visiting wildlife areas for the first times with their cameras.