Saturday, March 3, 2012

EFC 12...Round 1 for 2012

Do not mess with security at Carnival City...this fellow was there to enforce the "No Smoking" rule.
Should there be a comma after "ENTRY"?
EFC 12 featured Steven Castle...what more is there to say.
Behind this mesh, the event will kick off the 2012 EFC season...rock on.
Ring announcer, The Duke, gets the evening of to a flying start
Photographers take up their positions...
and the fights commence...
"Don't you dare touch me there again"! Markus Taljaard seems to be saying.Actually he was just showing his gum guard to cut-man extraordinaire, Stephen Castle
One of the hard working ring girls.
This is what the crowd comes to see...
One punch does not a winner make.The aggressor in this picture eventually lost the fight.
Plenty of tattoos...
This sport is not for sissies.
Aside from tattoos there were also some interesting hair styles on display
For the first time EFC had a rap singer for the main event.This is AKA
The main event...Garreth McLellan(champ) v Jeremy Smith(contender)
The moment when the current champ knows that "his" championship belt is going to his opponent.
A new champ is Jeremy has to defend.
EFC13 will be held at Grand West Casino in Cape Town for the very first time on the April 13th...will you there?
For more information on EFC(Extreme Fighting Championship) visit their official web site

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