Monday, April 30, 2012

The Argentinean corner office with a view!

This rather unassuming corner building in Linden,Johannesburg
is home to "The Argentinean Bakery".
A cafe/bistro/bakery that attracts people from all over Johannesburg. 

Feel like something stronger than coffee? 

During breakfast and lunch the shop is bustling
with sit-down and take-away customers.

There is indoor and outdoor seating...

Don't believe me...see the next image. 

And it is made with REAL butter. 

Sometimes I have to weigh up what I want to eat...sweet or savoury. 

Fresh rolls, baked every day 

A variety of fresh pastries. 

Genocide was about to happen to this ginger bread collection... 

'Nuff said... 

My "regular" breakfast... 

This is one of the VERY regular customers 

If you don't feel like reading the menu, you can always check out the tattoos.

This speaks for itself 

Very tasty... 

Some of the baked goods.They do great Rye rolls, but those tend to go really quickly... 

If you have any food left over, you can feed the pigeons that frequent this corner.(They know were the good crumbs are to be found)
You can find the Argentinean on the corner of 7th Street and 4th Ave, Linden. Johannesburg.

Contact details:
Phone: 011 8889759
Open week days and weekends.

Free Wi-Fi is available...ask for the password as you order your first cup of coffee!


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James said...

I love the PLACE David. I am there every morning

Dirck said...

great photos and comments! :-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome post about an amazing place! Love the pics :)