Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Was Cape Town ready to rock? EFC 13, part 2

And so it continues...another fighter enters the arena. On the right you can see Calven"The butcher" Robinson sitting in the crowd before his fight later in the evening 

Referee Arno Pienaar taking a moment before the fight between Mahmoud Hassan and Ricky Misholas 

The most important part of any fighters training program...his crew! 

Cut man Stephen "The Enforcer" Castle doing what he does best...apply Vaseline 

The tattoo on Wade Henderson's side is the entire Lord's Prayer... 

Wade and James Le Roux exchange blows and kicks... 

The end of a brutal fight...and yes there was a fair amount of blood on the night... 

I would like to make a comment 'butt' I will refrain... 

Their fighter is about to step into the ring and I am wondering what is so important on the phone. 
Another bloody fight... 

Action in the ring... 

EFC Africa management looking very satisfied. 

The only female member of a crew.

Unfortunately for her she did not have much to do as her fighter(Calven Robinson) was beaten by Bernado. 

The final fight of the evening...This is the champion Dallas Jakobi's crew just before he steps into the ring to defend his title. 

And what a fight it was... challenger Jadyson Costa  certainly put up a fantastic show

He worked away at Dallas with kicks and punches... 

Dallas did get some blows in, but not enough to retain his title...well fought Dallas. 

Ladies and gentlemen...the new champion Jadyson Costa. I am certain that the fans are already looking forward to the rematch!

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