Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pluck a string...time for another Andy's Acoustic forum

Andy McGibbon sets the tone for the evening.Mathew van de Want, the opening act, waits patiently to take centre stage.

A lawyer by profession he is also a competent singer/songwriter. 

And although it was a chilly evening,he certainly warmed up the evening with his four original songs. 

Liska Lesley was good on the eye and the ear... 

I, together with the rest of the audience really enjoyed her performance.Very quiet when it comes to interacting with her audience,however her songs more than made up for that

I certainly did not expect a triangle to be part of any acoustic group.But it is featured in orchestras, so why not here? This is the talented James who also plays the box he is sitting on... 

Looking like Howie Mandell or the lead singer from Train, this is Steve. 

On electric bass,Cliff 

As a group they are known as "Southern Sky"...

Fronting Skylight, was Gregg. 

From left, Wes on electric guitar,Brad on drums, Pete on bass and Gregg on vocals 
For someone who has been working with a vocal coach for the last year to reclaim his singing voice, Gregg certainly did not hold back. 

South Africans now living in Canada, father and son, Brian and Gideon Litvin.  

Although they have lived in Canada for the past 20 years, the music they performed was pure African 

James(Southern Sky) helped out on percussion together with Brad(Skylight) on drums 

Gideon showing that he is as good at African music as his dad. 

Andy saying goodnight...the next event will take place at Marks Park on Wednesday,June 27  

Time to pack away the percussion...

And turn off the lights until the next exciting Andy's Acoustic Forum event.. Wed,June 27 at 8pm.To be held at Marks Park.
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