Thursday, June 28, 2012

Andy's Acoustic Forum...the June edition

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Once again it was time to brave the winter chill and to join the crowd at Marks Park for another great acoustic evening.Andy introducing a *brand new* performer, Marvin Bosman.

It was Marvin's first appearance at one of theses evenings and being the opening act did not seem to worry him 

I certainly hope to see him again soon.

From *brand new* to *seasoned* in less than the plugging in of a cable...Paul Heidner 

His intricate guitar work was a joy to listen to and to watch. 

He was joined by veteran percussion player,James Gardner, for a couple of songs. 

Together they were Paul and James! 

Next up was the unlikely (height) duo, Two Fold...certainly a favourite with the audience... 

The tone for the evening seemed to be relationships and Kerry and Karl continued the trend. 

I am not sure why they are both smiling as they shared their intimate details with us in song...certainly not "50 shades of Gray"...thank goodness!

The audience even got them to do a rather "cheeky"  encore...

Doug Bean and the Lion were up next...and were probably my favourite act of the evening... 

They were joined by an extra backing singer who added depth to the vocal line up. 

The bass player was certainly enjoying only bass players can (and often do)

A great set! 

And last but by no means least was Transkye... 

They proved that you can get a rock sound out of acoustic instruments!

The lead singer also doubled on keyboards... 

A rousing, upbeat set to end off the evening!

I must say "Thank you" to Andy for keeping a tight rein on the evening...but you don't have to tap the mic to see if it is on...YOU are the sound engineer :) 
The July evening will be held at the same venue on Wednesday 25th.
If you enjoy acoustic music and want to support the musicians then be there.
Should you have a guitar that you no longer require, please bring it with you and donate it to Andy for his "GIVE A GUITAR" project.
All images are the copyright property of  and may not be used without permission

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