Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Slowhand tribute show.

I went off to see a tribute show to this iconic artist at the Barnyard,Cresta recently... 

Hidden in the cold blue light I had no idea what was in store... 

Then the lights came up and the music kicked in!

Doulton Robson on bass... 

Natalie Chapman on vocals. 

Rocking Johnny Late on lead guitar. 

"Not my kit"...drummer Theuns Botha. 

Unlike the other performers he had to use a  drumkit that belonged to someone else. 

Johnny having fun 

Doing great things with Clapton vocals...

On lead vocals and guitar, Peter Hoven. 

The "cast" sans the drummer and keyboard player.

Guest guitarist Thean Kotze only played two songs.A pity as I would like to have heard more from him.A great guitar player 

Johnny in a serious mood...

Eventually I was able to get a shot of Stephen Aiken on the keys.He also plays a mean cello. 

Peter on harmonica.He also weighed in with some cool slide guitar work. 

Natalie..."Tears in heaven"... 

Both the performances and the lighting were red hot! 

When it comes to Clapton picking a song list is not easy.Not what to include, but what can be left out.The production got the mix exactly right! 

Good bye and thanks...Check out Eric Clapton slowhand tribute show on Facebook to find out where and when the next performance will  be.
If you are an Eric Clapton fan, this show is a must! Highly recommended... 

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