Monday, July 16, 2012

From my phone...

I was updating my phone software when I found images I did not know I had 

The Johannesburg evening sky 

I have a suspicion that this is our lounge window...I might be wrong 

I felt sorry for this flight case...I could not tip it, even though it had done a good job! 

Believe it or not this was in my hotel room in Port Elizabeth 

I found these in my bath in a game reserve 

Kalk Bay, Cape Town 


My only attempt at baking 

My Noddy car "squares" up to a stretch Hummer 

My Teddy Bear and friends 

I did not eat any of these! 


White Rhino 

My local supermarket was REALLY confused! 

I am sure that "MOOSE" tastes great 

Sea Point, Cape Town 

"Tell me too"... 

Buddhist temple, Bronkhorstspruit 

My boy and I...or should that be "my boy and me"?
What have YOU got stored on your phone? 

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