Saturday, July 7, 2012

Three cords and the truth...

Some images from various music events I have recently attended.This is "Doug Bean and the Lion

From Andy's Acoustic Forum, Transkye. 

Marvin Bosman 

Paul and James 

Two fold 

The Transkye drummer...never did get his name 

From the Eric Clapton tribute show, bass player Doulton Robson 

From the same show, Peter Hoven and Johnny Late 

Kickin' it...Natalie Chapman

Shotgun Tori 


Josie Field

Live at the Sink shack,Natalie Chapman and Johnny Late 

Deon Volschenk  

Natalie Chapman

Finalists from Acoustic Arts 5.Nakhane Toure 

Shaun Jacobs 

Polar Bear John 

Naas Veld 

Emile Swiegers

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