Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Alter Irving...let the good times roll!

In July "Alter Irving" played at Andy's Acoustic Forum... 

They certainly were the most popular duo on the night 

If you have never heard/seen them perform then you have done yourself a disservice! 

Hard core acoustic rock/blues and country 


Belting it out 

Steward's turn at vocals 

Together again 

Their harmonies are sublime... 

Cindy on a custom 12 string guitar, not an instrument you see every day 

Stewart Irving was the former front man of Ballyhoo. 

Cindy Alter was originally with the all girl group Clout that had International hits with "Substitute" and "Save me" 

All about team work 

To my mind Cindy is the only REAL South African "rock chick". And she has the battle scars to prove it! 

Cindy has performed with Kenny Loggins, Olivia Newton John and the Bee Gees

If you visit their website you can hear tracks off the recently released CD 

To find out more about the band, visit:
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