Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Anything Acoustic, heat two

Tuesday meant Tanz Cafe for heat two of the new acoustic competition 

It did feel like "Acoustic Arts 5" revisited as the first two entrants had participated in that event 

First up was "Shout Hey" with front man Tim C who had performed in an early heat of "Acoustic Arts 5" 

This time he brought a bass player and a drummer 

Another contestant from "Acoustic Arts 5" was Julian Graham 

At least this time, his hair seemed to be better behaved! 

Rob Chase, a young man making his solo debut 

Even at such a young age his songs seemed to focus on relationships... 

Then the evening picked up with the arrival on stage of Thomas Selmer-Olsen 

Perhaps a little "over-the-top" but the crowd certainly got behind him...

"Thank you Johannesburg"...

The judging panel...hard at work! Well two out of three...

Last up, Madlove, a group I would certainly like to see again 

The Jembe player was spectacular! 

They will be playing at Tanz again on the 22 August

If you missed them this time round, you better be there on the 22nd! 

This hand-made guitar is the second prize(more about the manufacturers in the next Blog) 

Music connection has once again come to the party with a R50000 voucher as the first prize!

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