Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Setting up for my "lightning"shoot I forgot that the camera
was on an extended exposure! 

There is NOTHING like a Highveld electrical storm... 

These images were shot from a property in Muldersdrift.

But the driving rain was putting spots on my lens 

So I was forced to prop the front door open and shoot from inside 

The major problem was a security light almost directly in front of me lens... 

but with some cropping, i was able to get rid of that. 

All the images were shot using a Pentax K5 mounted on a tripod

 18-55mm Samsung lens on manual setting 

Because of the amount of sheet lightning I was able to shoot at ISO 200 

f 9.0

8.0 seconds 

When shooting lightning, remember SAFETY FIRST!
Don't make yourself a target... 

The security light was reflecting of the rain coming off the roof 

I chose one focal point due to aforementioned security light
to my right and trees to my left 

And then, with all the interior lights off and a burger in hand,
 I just kept firing away 

When the time between flashes became more that 5 minutes
 I decided it was time to call it a night 

 I am hoping for another storm!

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