Thursday, November 29, 2012

Madikwe wild life.Part 1

Some of the wild life images from our recent Madikwe safari week 

This is how we like to see our White Rhino... 

Wild Dogs are very special. 

a bachelor herd of Impala 

A tower of Giraffe 

A dazzle of Zebra 

A Dung Beetle has a very important part to play 

On of the six male cheetah  


A Leopard...

and a Leopard Tortoise... 

a Waterbuck 

A first for me in Madikwe, Eland. 

A female Hyena cooling off 

Our ranger told me that a buffalo always looks at you as if you owe it money. 

A post wallow Warthog 

Blue Wildebeest 

A Black backed Jackal 

Mrs Lion 

and eventually Mr Lion decided to sit up.
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