Thursday, November 22, 2012

Morning game drive from Makanyane Safari Lodge

Our accommodation faced west, so I was unprepared for this sunrise...

A Go-away bird(Grey Lourie)greets a new African dawn

At the den site of a Spotted Hyena...

These interesting creatures are often the central role player in many African myths and legends

But how can you not love a face this like...

And after a REALLY close inspection of the rear foot plate...

This was the look that we got! 

This millipede was interesting...

One final look and it went off to see what Mum was busy with...

A lone male Giraffe

One of three Eland cows that we got to see.A first for me in the reserve.

A Three-banded Plover...

A male Water Buck

A Blue -cheeked Bee-eater re-arranging itself for this picture

At 17kg's the Kori Bustard is the largest flying bird...and this proves it!

A male Tawney Eagle feeding a female in the nest

A White Rino and her calf

One of the six new cheetah that will released into the reserve shortly

What most visitors want to see...a Lion that is actually awake!

A Little Cattle Egret in breeding colours...the yellow feet.


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