Saturday, December 1, 2012

Heavy traffic has right of way...

Loxodonta (Greek for "oblique sided" teeth) Africana...

The world's largest terrestrial land mammal 

Not a sight you want to see while walking through the bush! 

The largest male ever recorded weighed in at 10 tons and measured 4 m at the shoulder 

Mud baths are the elephant equivalent of a spa treatment 

owning the road... 

Elephant in a wind tunnel... 

Elephants eat up to 450 kg of vegetation per day.
Only about 40% is processed. 

Photo-bombed by an Impala! 

Play time... 

Up close and very personal. Not even Botox could help...

eye spy.

Thorns are not a deterrent. 

Elephants cannot trot, gallop or JUMP.

But they can carry water in their "noses".

"Wait for me"... 

Slip sliding away...eventually the youngster made it out safely
All these images were taken on a recent safari week in Madikwe.

 All images are the copyright property of  and may not be used without permission


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