Saturday, December 15, 2012

In my "man-drawer"...

Some men can afford a "man-cave"...I only have a "man-drawer"!
It contains these items and several more.
Starting off with insulation tape, always useful. 

Spare spectacles...never worn. 

Any pens in a "man-drawer" have to be branded,
preferably by a company you cannot remember 

My Swiss Army knife that I have had since 1976 

I always have several of these and ONLY in this flavour 

Collected on a flight... 

an old wallet, I can never give them away 

batteries...always useful 

Often there is a lock without a key or vice versa... 

a watch that no longer works...a must! 

one of three torches in my drawer

an electric device to keep the mosquitoes away 

A charger for a phone I no longer have 

Remember these? 

Paper clips... 

safety pins...

and elastic bands are a must.

Earphones from an old cell phone 

Instructions from a gas heater I no longer own 

And at least of foreign coin that cannot be identified...
That is what is in my drawer...what is in yours?

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