Thursday, December 6, 2012

King of the "Jungle"?

Lion around...from my recent Madikwe adventure. 

What you do not want to see while "strolling" through the bush. 

"The world looks different from this angle" 

Maybe I will get up... 

NAAAH...too much like hard work. 

Not even ants made him flinch 

Doing what cats do best 

This lioness did look our way...eventually!

The people in the vehicle next to us where of more interest 

A wistful look... 

The "Royal" portrait 1 

and 2 

A Hartebeest provided a meal... 

Tummy full, caught in the spotlight... 

If I lie here you won't notice me... 

a glare 

Looking after his pride 

What a good looking fellow I am!

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