Saturday, December 1, 2012

Spotted laughing matter.

At sunset you can often hear the Hyena "laughter" 

Crocuta crocuta...the Spotted Hyena. 

We found this heavily pregnant female enjoying herself in a huge puddle of rain water

She drank while she wallowed...

Quite a pretty animal? 

A final look in our direction... 

Should I go back in? 

We found this youngster at the den the following morning

Very cute. 

Hyena will eat almost anything, including the aluminium parts of our vehicle  


This millipede caught its attention for a short while. 


In ancient Egypt Hyena were domesticated, fattened and eaten. 

Lions are their eternal enemy and will kill them given the chance  

Hyena will scavenge from lion kills 

They will eat carrion, but are also skillful hunters.
This elephant bull was killed during a fight 

The sight of Vultures in a tree and the sound of hyenas can often be used to detect a kill 

Despite what a guest at a lodge said recently, this IS a Wild Dog and NOT a Hyena. 

Night falls...
All these images are from a recent trip to Madikwe

All images are the copyright property of  and may not be used without permission


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