Sunday, December 23, 2012

the Cradle of Humankind...getting in touch with our Roots

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Closer to Johannesburg than I thought,
this stunning restaurant was where I enjoyed a meal recently to celebrate a friend's 60th birthday

An interesting wood fire "pit" 

Lunch was served on the deck that overlooks a dam 

The reception of  the Forum Homini hotel which shares the property

Interesting artwork can be found at the entrance... 

as well as the walkway down to the hotel and restaurant.  

Citrus and strawberry water...YUM!

There were plenty of Southern Red Bishops to entertain... 

and even a dragonfly stopped to pose. 

Bullrushes in the afternoon sun 

A reception/seating area where guests can gather before going through for a meal
There are fans to cool in summer and wood burning fires for winter 

Table decoration/appetizers 

Seating for our party... 

The name tags were to enable the staff to get dietary requirements correct 

And then the rain came...

We all moved inside... 

While outside the rain poured down... 

Sopping wet... 

Time to raise a glass and say "Happy Birthday" to our wonderful host.
To find out more about the venue, visit: 

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