Thursday, January 31, 2013

Andy's Acoustic Forum...January in B&W.

The only cold thing about the first event of the year was the fact that Andy had one!
A cold that is...

For the rest the evening was HOT! 

Two artists, both acoustic instrumentalists...

First up, a young Johannesburg musician... 

Dave Baudains. 

This man can make a guitar SING... 

Well almost. 

Between this and his Gibson, he kept the audience entertained 

An interesting playing style... 

He, unfortunately, had a short set as he was the "opening act"
 for a legendary South African musician 

All the way from Cape Town... 

Please put your hands together for the incredible guitar stylings of... 


Not only is Tony a great guitar player... 

he can weave a good story as well. 

Specifically when it comes to tinnitus and how he named a particular song... 

Tony has a very dry sense of humour and that
 together with his playing kept the audience enthralled 

Time for one last story? 

His guitar is certainly interesting.At first glace it looks like a banjo on steroids
(he will probably kill me for that)
However, in this maestro's capable hands it becomes a thing of beauty

And for the first time in 18 years, be actually got to sing.
I have never hear him do that before and I certainly hope that it is not the last time!
Thanks to both performers for a truly memorable evening
And, of course, thanks to Andy for hosting the event.
The next event will be on Wednesday, 27th February at Marks Park
To find out who will be playing or to get your name on the mailing list
contact Andy on:

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