Saturday, January 12, 2013

At the bird bath...Mosetlha Bush Camp. Madikwe

This is how I secured the door of my cabin.
If only we could do this back in the "real" world...
Right outside my cabin (Gemsbok) is this bird-bath.
I spent my first afternoon,pre-game drive,
sitting and watching the local birdlife. 

There were many of these Blue Waxbills 

Many thanks to Clive for the answer to my question.
This is a Green-winged Pytilia(Melba Finch)

A female Weaver 

Bath time... 

A Canary? 

Again thanks to Clive for sorting out this LBJ
A Black-throated Canary.

Swainson's Spurfowl 

A female Weaver? 

Arrow-marked Babbler 

A Cape Glossy Starling
Not all the creatures that could fly were birds

This Monarch butterfly stopped by

Yellow-fronted Canary 

Fun in the water 1 

and 2 

a Southern Masked Weaver 

A wet, but cool, Blue Waxbill 

This was the only bird that I did not see at the bird-bath!

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