Saturday, January 12, 2013

Game drive images.Mosetlha Bush camp,Madikwe

Not all game drives are about the "Big 5"...
Sometimes, even light on a spider's web catches my attention 

Butterfly season in Madikwe... 

Nov/Dec was lambing season for the Impala

No wonder he looks impressed with himself... 

NOT the greatest image...
But proof that I did see a black Rhino! 

We found this male Black Backed jackal on an evening drive.

Wild Dogs, when "doing nothing" are relatively unimpressive
This one did roll over for my lens. 

Spotted of the most maligned of the animal kingdom
African myths and legends often feature a hyena in a negative role 

But their interactions are fun to watch. 

A tree squirrel.

A flock of Buffalo weavers(one of the little 5) line the branches 

Why is it that cats have an almost uncanny knack of finding long grass to hide behind? 

This young female Leopard did exactly the same!
One stalk of grass to "spoil" and otherwise great shot. 

We spent the last part of a morning game drive with this troupe of Baboons
This male seemed to be baby-sitting. 

The youngsters are often comical... 


and perhaps just a little contemplative? 

"I am watching you" 

Not quite the traditional "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil"
But close enough 

Any idea what these two might be fighting about?
Answers to

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