Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Travel & Things" takes to the airwaves on 1485am, Radio Today

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My "award winning"Blog is going audio!
And it will cover local, national and international travel destinations
as well as a segment on gadgets and goodies to take with on YOUR travels

Bruce Dennill and I discuss this exciting new development on air
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This is the headline sponsor.
They have been around for 43 years 
and are probably the best kept tourist secret in Gauteng.
But no longer!
To find out more about them, visit

They offer conference facilities...

As well as the cleanest dam in Gauteng,Lake Heritage.
Held back by the formidable Franz Richter Dam wall.
A testament to his vision and a legacy to his memory.
The dam is the largest hand-built stone dam on the continent

Like my car, we will get to know the wildlife there.
Up close and very personally

The show will look at venues that offer bird watching...

Game viewing...

It will look at the best way to get to your destination
Either local...

Or international...

Herbet might accompany me on some of my adventures

Where will I strike next?

Could be at the award winning Jamala Madikwe 
Interior of the main building... 

Believe it or not, these are pre game drive snacks.

I will talk about gadgets...

And luggage...
with tips on what and how to pack from travel gurus

A final cast of the day...
Nothing like an African sunrise...

On your marks, get set...
The first program aired on Saturday, 02/02/13 between 10-11am

So relax at YOUR local and allow me to entertain you with my travel experiences.
In the meantime, should you want to share your travel stories with me,contact me on:

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To read the media release:

The first newspaper article!

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