Saturday, February 16, 2013

Madikwe, a different perspective

When in Madikwe, or any other reserve for that matter,
 it is not always about the large creatures.
In Madikwe, one of the defining images is that of the variety of Leadwood trees   

Caught in the morning light, a Golden Orb Spider  

Clouds over Madikwe...
unfortunately, no rain. 

A Yellow-billed Hornbill and a Cape Turtle Dove share a tree 



Our final sighting on one of the evening drives.
We spent the better part of three hours looking for lions,
and we eventually found them, less than twenty minutes from the camp! 


A Tambotie tree reaching for the sky.
The wood makes great furniture but the fumes that is gives off when burning can be poisonous. 

A Tent Spider that I was shown during my game walk from Jaci's Tree Lodge, with Ranger Paul

A Giraffe with a pair of Carmine Bee-eaters.

Sunset over the plains 

These Wild Dog are from the smaller pack of seven
They had killed and eaten a Kudu earlier in the day, hence the full stomachs 


Own the road.
Larger animals get right of way and can often make things extremely difficult for the vehicles 

Sunset 2 

The moon over Madikwe
I am going to try to plan my next trip during full moon

A young Black Rhino with a Red Billed Oxpecker. 

Wildebeest in the fading afternoon light 

Night falls over Madikwe...

Madikwe Game Reserve is Malaria free!
Great news,especially for families with children.

My hosts for the week were:

Once again I flew to Madikwe thanks to:

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