Friday, February 22, 2013

Memories of La Pirogue

I am about to leave my "home"on the west side of Mauritius
 I move to my new "home"on the east coast soon

My corner of paradise

Sea and sky...

Some of the 1500 palm tress that can be found at La Pirogue...
AND NO! I did not count them...

The new infinity pool that looks out over the Indian Ocean

And this new seating area was where the old pool used to be.

The hotel is named after this craft...
A Pirogue...
made on the island at the largest model boat making factory in the world

If life hands you...
Visit La Pirogue!

Breakfast time...

one of the seating areas in the foyer

A view of the hotel from the main gate

A great place to watch the sunset...

Mauritius, and specifically La Pirogue are still a favourite honeymoon destination

Safety first

Plenty of  complimentary water sport

The sister property, Sugar Beach...

This "forest"is right on the beach...
I found it on my beach walk and was surprised 

Guests enjoying the warm water in the late afternoon

As a result of building rain storm,
the sunset was not quite what I expected...
that being said, the grey clouds did offer a beauty of their own

For the last few days the lyrics of a Zac Brown Band song have been running through my head:
"I've got my toes in the water,
my ass in the sand"...
Want to hear the rest of the song:
I was able to do both at La Pirogue.
My thanks to:
 Sales and marketing manager, Jean-Marie Delort
Guest relations manager, Vanessa Anthony
for making my stay a pleasure.
I hope to be added to the list of return visitors soon!


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Jean-Marie Delort said...


I feel very sad that I personally missed to meet you on your return at La Pirogue.
You make promises and you maintained, THANK YOU
You+Carolyn+(the F's - riends and amilies in not a distant uture)

Friendly regards