Thursday, February 7, 2013


How often do we notice the shadows on the walls of our homes?
Patterns made by lace curtains, window frames and other everyday items?

Shadow on the leaf of an indoor plant.
What amazed me was the speed at which the light changed as the sun rose faster than expected

Juxtaposition of light and shade... 

Lace curtain in our kitchen cast these shadows 

Even the cistern on the toilet becomes the focus of my camera 

A laundry basket looks like it could be in a beach shack 

The domed lounge window cast this... 




Pedal power 

An indigenous plant. 

Venetian blinds... 

An angry alien? 

In our lounge.

Not a true shadow, but parts of the lock are casting shadows of their own

This is not a shadow, but I did like the shapes caused by the early morning light

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