Thursday, March 28, 2013

The March edition of Andy's Acoustic Forum

Another milestone for "Travel & Things"
This is posting number 700!

A full moon hung in a cloudy sky over Marks Park
as the performers took to the stage.

First up,Wesley Oosthuizen. 

I have said before that the opening act is always a difficult slot
and this was no exception

Why, because there was constant chatter from the audience.
Wesley soldiered on,
but it is REALLY annoying when people just won't stop talking.
Come on audience, give the muso's a break.

Although he was not feeling well, he did an extended set.
Well done Wesley. 

Swamp Dogs were up next 

Richard Bruyns and Dax Butler 

A mixture of Blues and Irish music...
You get to tap your toes AND feel depressed at the same time!

Dax has brought out a solo album which is currently on sale.

I was wondering to whom the bass belonged.

A new group called "Wendy House"...
The lead singer, Wendy Niehaus...
Honey woncha -

Richard on banjo...
Already at the river -

This group was the highlight of the evening for me!
Done with down -

Stuart and Wendy...
sweet music!
Wendy has a stunning country voice.

Wendy said that the three songs they performed had never been played in public before.
Only in their garden,,,for the dog.
More is the pity, but it was well worth the wait.
I do hope that we get to see more of this talented group...
either that
or I am going to be visiting their garden.

As one of the booked musicians for the evening was unable to attend,
Stuart stepped up and did a couple of solo songs
(including "Chained to the wind" off the Alter Iriving album)
The Wendy House fiddle player joined in
and added a layer to a very beautiful song that Stuart had written for his son.

The final act for the evening:
Doug and Lionel
The Rocketeers.

One of the more expressive bass players I know.

Their music is an interesting mixture of "live" and technology

There is an album pending...
Keep an eye out for it.

One thing that these evenings have taught me is that Jhb (and by extension SA)
has a wealth of untapped musical talent.
I wish that these evenings would be attended by scouts from the record labels.
Perhaps it could become the "Bluebird Cafe" of Jhb?
Just a thought Andy...
Wednesday, April 24.
Put in your diaries NOW!

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merryl4d said...

I was there last night - it was a fantastic evening. I have some videos of the Wendy House's songs on Youtube - you're welcome to add the to your blog post.

Honey woncha -

Already at the river -

Done with down -