Thursday, April 25, 2013

Andy's Acoustic Forum...the April edition.

For the "uninitiated",
this is a DrewPS custom guitar!
But you cannot order one at the moment as the guys are building a new workshop.
AND THEN they will accept orders.

 I could not believe that it was time for the April AAF evening!
But that is what a short month will do...
only three weeks since the March event.

Established performers in a new group.
This is SHYNE.
Andy(he built the custom guitar), Simone and the tall fellow on the far end is Owl...
Don't ask about his name as I don't have the answer.

As usual, all the music performed is self-penned.

And SHYNE gave us several of theirs,
including a brand new song.  

Simone and Owl used to be a duo until Andy joined them.

Next up, teacher, performer and single mom...
Liska Lesley. 

How she finds time to fit music into what must be a tight schedule escapes me. 

Acoustic music has a way of making most songs sounding melancholy.
And add a harmonica and I am looking for a freight train to hop onto!

But Liska provided a stunning set with not a freight train in sight.

Audiences don't usually get to see Howard Combrink centre stage.

Because he is the drummer for "Watershed"...

Although he has only been performing solo for a short time,
the audience certainly enjoyed his performance.

Jean-Louise Nel...
she is the (mono) group "Quilts".
A mono group I hear you ask...
Yup, thanks to modern technology she is able to play two instruments at the same time...
but not simultaneously. 

Once the fiddle track is laid down, she then picks up her guitar. 

Great music.

And finally, using a similar technique and technology,
Adam van Veen...
A surname that caused Andy some problems...
Using a flat picking style and speedy footwork,
he was able to make his guitar sound like almost anything except a guitar.

Time to change guitars and styles... 

No wonder he was smiling.
This was his first appearance at an AAF evening and the intimate audience was appreciative.

Time to pack up the gear until the next time!
The next event will take place on May 29.
The artists that have been confirmed are:
Terence Reis (frontman) for The Straits, Naming James,
Kyle Meenehan, Michael Canfield and James Hendry.
7.30 for 8pm( don't be late because Andy likes to start on time!)
Entrance is R50.00.
Students(WITH I.D): R25.00

These evenings are being broadcast LIVE on Bakgat Radio.

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