Friday, May 31, 2013

Andy's Acoustic Forum, the May edition...

Another opening of another show...
Andy doing his usual "Welcome to this evening" intro...
and forgetting me ONCE AGAIN! 

First up...
Game ranger turned musician,
or should that be musician turned game ranger turned  musician?
James Hendry...

I am certain that his guests were kept entertained around a camp fire... 

And he did the same for the audience on a chilly Highveld night. 

This is either Jason or Kyle of "What 7 can do"... 

One has hair, the other does not... 

But both are great musicians! 

An "old" friend of mine... 

Michael Canfield...
A big man with a small guitar? 

This is how audiences usually see him, behind a drum kit. 

But at this event he was rocking out Blues, bayou style. 

Just a pity that there were no albums of his on sale.
Merchandise please!

"Naming  James"...
Jamie and Richard on slide guitar.

A broken "B" string?
Not a problem...Keep calm and keep playing. 

Foot stomping music at its very best.
Only problem?
 Their final song remained in my head for hours after they had finished their set! 

Most musicians play with their eyes closed...
This is the type of music they performed:

And finally...
what a line up for a final performance! 

Professor Kai on bass(and I mean a real Prof)
and Terence Reis on guitar. 

Robin on drums and "the legend" Alistair on guitar. 

It was a final performance for Terence,
 as he and his family head back to the UK shortly.
For those who are unaware,
Terence took over as front-man for Dire Straits when Mark Knopfler left!
Listen to a track here:

The next event will take place at the same venue on Wednesday, June 26.
And the line up is as follows:
Laurie Levine, Marcia Moon, Bruce Dennill
Swamp Dogs and Donovan Knox
7.30 for 8.00pm
Entrance, R50.00pp
Students,with valid student ID, R25.00

These evenings are being broadcast LIVE on Bakgat Radio. 
Music links on this posting were supplied by the radio station.

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