Wednesday, May 1, 2013

No lion, no witch...but we did find a wardrobe.

Have we really arrived?
With apologies to CS Lewis.

As our game drive vehicle entered the campsite, I thought for a moment that I had stepped into the pages of the novel by C.S Lewis!

Why, because according to the sign we had arrived in Narnia…albeit at Lion Sands Private Game Reserve, Kruger National Park.
Or so I thought…
But what led me to believe that?

Firstly the shape of the thatched roofs of the main lodge building reminded me instantaneously of a witch’s hat. And when I mentioned this fact to the ranger he agreed with me!

Although I did spend time searching for either the witch or her transport, I found neither. Even if I had found the latter, I am not certain that I could have convinced my wonderful wife to play the role of the former.

The next part of the title was more elusive.
We spent two days searching for a pride of lions whose spoor seemed to cause both our ranger and tracker endless problems.

 The excitement levels in the vehicle were directly linked to ”They are here”! to “ They are close”! and eventually faded altogether when both Jason and Emmanuel agreed that the pride had eluded our best attempts to locate them.

Eventually we did find the last part of the title.
And as it turned out the easiest one to locate…a wardrobe does not require tracking skills!
And where did we eventually locate the last piece of the puzzle?

In the bathroom at the Tinyeleti  Treehouse where we spent a wonderful evening dining out and sleeping under the stars.

Well not quite under the stars as the enormous bed was surrounded by a mosquito net.

If we had been able to step though the wardrobe, this is what we would have seen.

However it was at this point that I realized that the whole exercise had been pointless.
Because I had actually misread the name of the camp…it was not Narnia but NARINA…
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Caroline Hurry said...

Great images that brought back so many memories ... have also just been to Narina and Tinyeleti. Too fab for speech. And your wife is exceptionally beautiful too ...