Thursday, June 27, 2013

Andy's Acoustic Forum, the June event

Usually, I start off these postings with a picture of Andy...
Not this one!
This is Felix Myburg from Bakgat Radio "hiding" in the audience.
And speaking of Bakgat Radio...
Podcasts of the evening are now available!
Go to  and using the "Menu" icon
 select "On-demand streaming"...
Andy's Acoustic Forum evenings will be archived there.

Dax Butler...

Who, together with Richard Bruyns, are...
Swamp Dogs. 

Dax is a great blues guitarist
 and story teller. 

Looking out over the audience. 

Richard laughed out loud at most of Dax's tales...
I wonder if he had heard them before and was merely being polite?
Or were they new to him and as such, entertaining... 

Bruce Dennill was the second performer of the evening 

He had a couple of his CD's and E.P's on sale,
and was kind enough to offer the proceeds to Andy's Guitar Project.
I hope that the audience dug deep into their pockets,did their bit and...

Giving it his all... 

Bruce certainly entertained the audience with his own music...
and contrary to the "rules" of the Forum,
he even got away with a cover of a Counting Crows song... 

Marcia Moon...
all the way from Pretoria on a cold winter evening. 

This was her first solo appearance at Marks Park,
even though she had played with all the other musicians before.  

Her own songs were a mixture of English and Afrikaans... 

I do believe that there are not enough Afrikaans performers on stage at these evenings. 

Laurie Levin ended off the evening. 

It has been a while since she last performed on this stage,
and it was good to have her back again. 

Richard and his "National" joined her for a couple of songs. 

One of the best aspects of these acoustic evenings,
the musicians are always willing to help out if back-up is required.

"One more song and I have to go"...
Keep your eyes open for Laurie's new album coming out later this year. 

"Good night and thank you all for coming"
Here is the July evening will be held on Wednesday, 31st.
Dave Baudains, Skylight, KGB and Paul Hone.
7.30 for 8.00
Entrance is R50 and students (with ID) R25.

The evening will be broadcast on...

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