Thursday, June 6, 2013

In and around Jock Explorer Camp, Kruger National Park

My recent visit to the Kruger National Park
 included time at the Jock Explorer Camp

The view from my tent.
General Manager Louis and his team are trying to recreate
 the feel of an "old style" explorer camp as it would have been
 in the early part of the 20th century...
All I can say is that those pioneers WISHED for something like this!

I bet they did not have breakfast served  like this! 

One the other hand they might have shared these morning views... 

Although the bush would probably not have been as dense. 

They might have sat around a camp fire similar to this one... 

And they would have longed to have Sam cooking for them.
This my "surprise" breakfast...
a delicious cheese omelette. 

From left to right:
Dumi, Camp Manager. Lazarus, Game Ranger Manager.
Johnny,Food and Beverage Manager...and last,but by no means least...
Sam,Executive Chef and Kitchen Manager.  

The finished product. 

These Baboons were not invited to breakfast and as a result they decided to leave

There was always hot water available.
Note the silver serviette holders, another special touch. 

The bushveld " newspaper"...
we could follow these tracks to see what species had been visiting the camp
Elephant, lion, hyena and leopard were some of the identified tracks  

A spider web in the early morning light  

This box is VERY special.
You load hot coals into the tray at the bottom and use the upper portion to bake bread,
or make toast! 

Early morning at the camp... 

Watching the sunrise from my tent.
I shared this with those early explorers. 

More food! 

Bush TV.
Why do we find fire so hypnotic? 

Sunset from the camp site. 

I am told that the Biyamiti River,
when in full flow,is a sight to behold 

Evening contemplation spot...
Seeing there is no Internet or cell phone connectivity at the camp,
I had to revert to good "old fashioned" writing.
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