Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rwandian or Rwandese? I meet the locals

This is what happens after a 3.45 hour flight,
followed by a hair raising 4 hour car journey.
SILLY TIME...Juan, one of our tour party.
But this posting is about the locals...

One of the hotel staff picking flowers for the foyer display.

Hotel guests enjoying a game of tennis

This staff member did NOT enjoy our boat ride on Lake Kivu.
She may be smiling in this picture, but that disappeared as the ride progressed

Captain my Captain...

Janet from the hotel...

A local movie star?
A super model?
An International traveller?
She could be all of the above...
Vuyo was one of our party.

They went that way...

Time to make up for the bumpy ride...

We found this youngster at the local Hot Spring tourist attraction...

Big smiles all round...

These young girls arrived after the rest of the group had "checked" us out...

This was the smallest child in the group.

This elderly fellow was keeping an eye on the children

More of the "locals"...
Because I took this picture,
does that make me...
"The man who stares at goats"? 

Abu, one of our drivers holds aloft pens that we bought for the children.
They were not after money, but they wanted pen and paper.

More locals watching us as we dispense pen and paper...

These youngsters are on the DRC side of the fence.

Africa is NOT for sissies.
Like most African countries, the women seem to do most of the hard work
This was at the Rwanda/DRC border post.

Celebrating with Lion Dancers


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