Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Elephants of the Chobe River.

Being on the Chobe River offers a different photographic perspective

Elephants can be found in large family groups...
or alone, like this fellow

Every now and again one of the young bulls would take an interest in us

and they would take time out from their feeding to "check us out"

Heading back into the Chobe Reserve on the Botswana side of the river

A male Sable antelope has taken the interest of the elephant family.
But he was "allowed"to make his way to the river to have a drink


Large and small.

Having fun in the mud.


"How did I get into this position"?

Kicking up the dust...

Heading for the river.

In the marsh...

feeding time.

Keeping an eye open as we "sneak"up on this pair

Only one tusk.

This bull was part of a large herd eating in the marsh

Three REALLY big chaps!

A highlight...
The Elephants enjoying swimming from the Botswana side of the river,
to the Namibian side to feed...
and then they do the reverse to get home...



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