Thursday, September 26, 2013

The September edition of Andy's Acoustic Forum

Work has kept me away from these evenings for that last couple of months
Andy was in fine form albeit slack in the timing department.
Perhaps it was the small (but enthusiastic) audience that caused the "slip"...

Gavin from Bakgat Radio seemed to be enjoying himself... 

First up...
a first-timer... 

Matthew McGibbon...
son of the aforementioned host of the event. 

He played a couple of self penned tunes,
but I did wish he would look up occasionally... 

Doing it for the Rhino,
and himself...
Jason Hartman. 

Because one of the acts was a no-show,
Jason got to play an extended set that included covers.
Against AAF rules, however they were bent a little to fill time. 

He finished off with his interpretation of "Stairway to Heaven" 

"Quilts"... plural.
Although only a singular performer with LOADS of electronic equipment.
I wish that Andy will let her tell the audience the story of the name... 

You got to have a fiddle in the band. 

And a smiling face does not hurt either 

The penultimate performer was not in the original lineup,
but stepped in to help out...
A brave move? 

Going by the name "Average Joe",
he performed adequately,
given the fact that he was not scheduled to play 

Perhaps Andy could have just waited for the last performer to arrive? 

Bev Jayne was last...
but by no means least. 

Unfortunately, as she arrived later than expected,
I was only able to catch one of her songs 

Or just showing off her plectrum? 

Time to pack away the instruments... 

Unplug the cables and get ready for the October event.

The evening was broadcast live,
but the podcast is available on this website

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