Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day and night at Prana Lodge.

I have been told that this enormous piece of drift wood
floats up and down this stretch of coastline depending on the tide.
Quite spectacular...

I thought that I was in a remake of "Lord of the Flies"...
But I had the Conch, so I would have been OK.

Leave nothing but footprints...

The wind picked up as I headed back to the path leading to the Lodge.

Dune forest on the left, sea on the right...

Not what we were having for dinner...

The main lodge building...
Dining area, lounge and infinity pool...
Does it get any better than this?

The bar area by day.
I am certain that it will take on a different ambiance at night.

Once I had finished the jar of home made shortbread,
I discovered these...

Looking very appealing...
But dinner awaits...

There are roses EVERYWHERE!

Too chilly to use the outdoor shower,
I treated myself to a candle-lit bubble bath

More roses...and another candle

The paths become magical at night

The outdoor lounge/dining area.
More stunning artwork adorns the wall here

A view of the "formal" lounge from the bar.

The bar and wine "cellar"...

More artwork from the indoor dining room

The bar and lounge at night.
A totally different feel to the daylight hours

This is what I discovered when I returned to my room after dinner.
A nice way to end a wonderful day at Prana Lodge.
Good night all...

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