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My 12 step Blog program...


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Five years ago(30/9/2010),
"Travel & Things" was started.
Originally, it was started as extra outlet for my newspaper articles.
This was the very first posting:
No pictures...only words.
How my postings have changed!
I have been asked many times how to write a Blog posting...
Here are my suggestions for running a successful travel Blog.
The steps might vary depending on the type and content of the Blog YOU want to create

Step 1:
Have an archive of really good photographs.
Second rate/blurred/out of focus will NOT bring traffic your way.
Be ruthless...I was recently told...
 "Always shoot sharp"...
If you are using images from other sources,
remember to credit the photographer

Step 2:
Edit your pictures so that they tell the story you want to convey.
I storyboard my photo shoots in order to know that I have enough images to tell the story

Step 3:
I try to theme my postings...
I am currently working on my "birds-in-flight"skills
Thank goodness for digital...
Keep one, throw away 100's!
On the photographic note, protect your property.
a] Watermark your images
b] If you find them used without permission, be ruthless
c] Don't get sucked into the "We like your images but we have no budget".
d] No budget = no images
e] If you do find them used illegally,(usually on Facebook) ask for them to be removed.
f] If the offender does not, posting comments on their page should do the trick.
g] The better your images, the more they are likely to be "borrowed"
h] Do not feel guilty about enforcing this type of notice:
i] If all the above fails, send an invoice!

Step 4:
I like to add humour to my postings.
For me this is VERY important.
Since this image was taken, the orange goldfish has gone to the Great Bowl in the Sky.
And the cat did NOT have anything to do with it.

Step 5:
A blank page, either on a PC or on a piece of paper,
is still a blank page.
Think how you want to fill it.
My current postings all have 20 images as well as copy

Step 6: 
Your Blogger dashboard should look like this.
Postings and drafts 

Step 7:
To my knowledge, "Travel & Things"
is the only South African Blog with its own terrestrial radio show.

Step 8:
I also run a "rant-Blog"that is separate from the main Blog
This is an outlet for me without offending my Travel readers.
It also keeps my Travel & Things product focused for potential clients.

Step 9:
I use social media to spread the word about new postings.
My Facebook account is linked to Twitter as well.

Step 10:
Music is important to me while I am working...
Tuned into a Country music off the iPad.

Step 11:
Having inspiration close at hand helps.
The picture is of my Dad who died in October, 2004
The model is there for my stress relief.
My advice to potential Bloggers...
"Post regularly and update daily".
On-line readers want instant gratification...
your job as a Blogger is to deliver that.

Step 12:
If the Blog does not work out...
ALWAYS have a day job to fall back on!


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