Thursday, November 28, 2013

I arrive at Massinga beach, Mozambique

Genome making friends with the local insect life. 

Inhambane from the water
The Portuguese influence is easy to spot

How this gull managed to stay aloft with its wings in this condition was astounding 

The locals use these ferries to get across the bay.
It is a cheap and regular form of transport 

Our group were already in party mode on-board the catamaran 

I come across this a lot in Africa...
Houses get started and never seem to get finished. 

A view of Mixixe. 

Currently, the only way to get to shore.
Soon the Catamaran will be able to dock at the jetty and this "leg" will be eliminated 

The locals LOVE having their pictures taken.
This group made certain that each got to be in a photo. 

The locals use these Dhow's for transport or for fishing 

The catamaran set off, under sail this time.
We would see it again at Castelo do Mar. 

A local trader selling her wares at the jetty.

We reached our first destination after a 50km bus ride.
The most exciting part of which was "crossing" The Tropic of Capricorn.

My bed was calling...
Not so much calling as screaming...

I had been warned that the sun rises early...
It 4am!
But this is what awaited me once I opened the curtains! 

I checked out my deck...something I had not been able to do in the dark 

And then got back into bed to watch the sun rise 

This was my neighbour's accommodation 

Time to head down to the beach.
I chose the long route.
Because I was unaware that there was a shorter one... 

Time to explore.
The wind had brought in a lot of foam and flotsam that I wanted to investigate

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