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Travel & Things, the broadcast. 25/01/2014

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Who else has been a guest on my radio show?
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This was the line-up for "TRAVEL & THINGS" that aired between 10 and 11am on
SATURDAY, 18/01/20142

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Darren Herbst tells me all about the new Hero Sports Park,
that will open on the 31/01/14 at Heia Safari Ranch

Peter Hewitt chatted about the Magaliesberg and what it has to offer.

Caroline Hurry learns that you CANNOT eat the frikkadels,
before the salmon is finished...
AND, more importantly,
Female handball is an iconic sport in Denmark.

Bruce Dennill and I chatted about what he packs...
and what he has learned to leave behind.

Sunday buffet at Heia Safari Ranch...
Remember to pace yourself...

Because you have to save room for dessert!
Heia Safari Ranch Sunday Buffet Lunch:
To book, call 011-9195000

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