Thursday, February 27, 2014

Andy's Acoustic Forum. The February edition.

Andy was looking somewhat stressed
as the audience turnout was on the "intimate" side.
It might have been the weather, or the traffic or any number of reasons.
Undaunted, he introduced the first act and the evening got underway.

A "regular" visitor to AAF, James Hendry kicked off...

His dry sense of humor and self-deprecating banter
engaged the small audience

Even if he did pick on the "opposite" sex,
his guitar playing and lyrics carried him through his set

A strong opening performance!
And more importantly a tight set...
Well done.

Next up, a performer I have not seen before
Steve Rusznyak...
An accomplished  musician.

Passionate about his music,
he put his heart and soul into his set

He chose not to interact with the audience between songs,
however he did say why...

A surprise...
Shotgun Tori joined him on backing vocals.
Well worth the price of admission,

Steve and Shotgun, a duo I would enjoy seeing again.
Thank you for the music

Next up...
Jess Yallup.
This fiery red-head has a stunning voice.

An entertaining set

It would be good to see more female performers.
How about an all female line up Andy?

Sing it out loud...

For the first time the evening was being filmed for Andy's Facebook page.

Last, but by no means least...
Beukes & Delany.

To quote  super country group Alabama...

"You gotta have a fiddle in the band"!

And being of Irish stock,
young Mr. Delany knows his way around a fiddle

They did an extended set to end off the evening
as the final performer, Cameron Bruce did not arrive.
I know that the musicians do not get paid,
however it would be good if they turned up.
Just saying...

The March evening will take place on Wednesday, 26/03
See you there...


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