Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bang a drum and strum a cord. Andy's Acoustic Forum in B&W

It has been a while since I have done a B&W posting.
Acoustic at its very best...
Only @ Marks Park

Senna Bosman.


Open cord...

One of the most famous 12-string guitars in South Africa.
It belongs to Cindy Alter.

Heading off to London.
The front man of Jed Jason

The only other place I have seen this is off Harley Davidson handle bars

Toe tapping time?

Steel yourself...

Slidin' along...

Got to love a pedal steel guitar.

In 2003 Cindy Alter was diagnosed with Leukemia.
She was living in the USA at the time
and underwent radical treatment to get rid of the disease.
And here she is, 11 years later and healthy.
This tattoo is based on her iconic song
"Tightrope"...a tribute to fighting and winning.

Interesting to see an accordion on an acoustic stage.

Happy Bronwyn...

Striking a cord...

Ben, blowing his own...

Michael Canfield in full voice.

Have to have a bowler hat.

The April event will take place on
Wednesday 30th at 20h00.
Line up to follow soon...


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