Wednesday, May 14, 2014

An evening out at The Meat Co. in Melrose Arch

Since my change in eating habits,I do not eat a lot of red meat anymore.
However, I did make an exception when my wife and I were invited to dinner here.

We were at the branch in Melrose Arch.
They have one at Monte Casino, near Fourways, as well

Some of the exterior decor.
Even though it was chilly, there were guests outdoors

Smokers get to eat out here...
But it is heated and when we left, there were several people eating outdoors

This rack is for the Platinum Guests.
The knives belong to regular guests.
When they have finished their meal, the knives are washed and returned to this rack.
My wife and I each received one of these as a gift after dinner,
but without our names engraved on them.

These cabinets contain the private alcohol of regular patrons

No explanation needed.
For those who do not see the sign, it could be embarrassing

I have seen ice cubes in urinals,
but never pebbles in the wash hand basin

The silhouette of the wine racks

On the outside looking in...

Floor to ceiling wine racks

This is where we ate.
There were 20 people from a variety of different media enjoying the dinner
The restaurant has several rooms that differ in size to accommodate guests,
rather than one large dining area.

Time to eat...
Although the invite read 18h30, it was a while before we were served.
(It turns out that two of the guests got lost
and one of the media people was delayed).
My wife and I like to eat early, but that is our choice.
Others might not mind waiting until 20h45 for mains.

There was a gourmet Beef Boerewors as a starter.
But we decided to give that a miss in favour of...

My starter was butternut soup.
It seems to be a staple of most restaurants,
and this version was no exception.
It was thick (the way I like a soup) and was served with a roll.
If I have to have a "Masterchef" moment, it could have been hotter

This was the starter that my wife chose:
Five Spice Crusted Calamari.
"Scored calamari with a Chinese five spice turmeric crust.
Served with fresh lime, coriander and chilli aioli.
The verdict?
Very tasty

Our main course.
 Fillet with a baked potato and fried onion rings.
We had asked for medium rare.
There are 6 cooking options when it comes to meat...
Blue, sealed VERY red in the centre. Room temp
Rare, red in the centre. Lukewarm
Medium-rare, pinkish red in the centre.Warm
Medium, pink in the centre.Hot
Medium-well,very little pink in the centre.Hot
Well-done, no pink...brown in the centre.Hot
The vegetables consisted of creamed spinach (delicious), butternut ( tasty but cold)
and mixed vegetables.
The meat and potato were done to perfection, but I prefer my onion rings crispy

Bruce Dennill, the editor of CitiVibe.
His expression was in reaction to a question that I asked...
or it might be because I had hidden his dessert.

Speaking of desserts,
Our waitress did such a good job of "selling" the vanilla creme brulee,
that we did not even ask what the other dessert offerings were!

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