Saturday, May 17, 2014

Birth of a logo...KILIMANJARO Challenge

Hi! My name is Lauren Brammall and I am teacher at St Vincent school for the Deaf.
Currently I teach Creative Arts (grade 7, 8, 9), Visual Arts (grade 10 and 11) 
and Design (grade 12).
My path to where I currently find myself came via Fine Art, Psychology 
and Education. 
         Being hearing I had to learn Sign Language, which I did last year through a SLED course and through the students and teachers at St Vincent. 
It is gratifying to teach (art) and be taught (sign language) and it is changing my outlook on education and the classroom environment daily.

The students at the school may be deaf or hearing impaired, but they display visual and expressive astuteness in spades! This makes them incredibly talented when it comes to the arts and it is a privilege to be a part of this journey with them.  Sign language, much like art or music, is a means of communication that is expressive and non-culture specific. It is therefore accessible to all people, which is both important and greatly needed in a society
 like ours!

                          The Design
I didn’t have a great deal of notice when asked to create a design for the Kilimanjaro challenge at our school and initially felt rather overwhelmed. The best place to start is always to look at that which has gone before you which I duly did, researching other logos and ideas from similar Kilimanjaro expeditions. I referenced a logo that had different height letters which implied the ascent and skyline of Kilimajaro and added the handshapes from sign language to spell out the word,
 K-I-L-I-M-A-N-J-A-R-O to make it relevant to our students and our school. 
The colours were selected as they incorporated the school colours and that of our sponsors. The slogan was given to me by Ingrid.

          The Challenge
I find that the slogan for this challenge (“Onward and upward towards NO LIMITS for Deaf Education”) completely summarizes the heart of the staff at the school and perhaps this challenge can mirror the incredible work of Ingrid and all that work with her in this significant, overwhelming and ultimately rewarding challenge in Deaf Education. 
Like those that have prepared for, struggled with and finally stood at the summit of this great mountain, 
so our learners will ultimately conquer their challenges and inspire us all to do the same.

When he is not out on his bike, in the pool or running,
this is what Terence Parkin does for a living.
In the time I have known him, he has become my inspiration for overcoming obstacles.
I look forward to seeing him standing at Uhuru Peak in October 2014.


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