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Travel & Things, guest list. 10/05/2014

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Who else have been guests on my radio show?
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This is the line-up for "TRAVEL & THINGS" that will air between 10 and 11am on
SATURDAY, 10/05/20142

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Gabriel Motsosi, Director of rooms at the Hyatt Regency
 chats to me about what the hotel can offer to a "tourist-in-your-own-town"

Gershel Abrahams, marketing manager of West Coast Tourism,
takes time out from the Indaba to tell be about this destination

Tracey Krog, steps away from her text books to chat cruising

And finally, Kevin Bolton, head of sales for Navworld and I talk GPS technology.
Is it being used correctly?

One of my guests from earlier this year, Per Ostberg,
has recently had a book published.
He dropped me a signed copy before I started the show

Sunday buffet at Heia Safari Ranch...
Remember to pace yourself...

Because you have to save room for dessert!
Heia Safari Ranch Sunday Buffet Lunch:
To book, call 011-9195000

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