Tuesday, July 8, 2014

From Dubai to Durban...

My last flight was from Dubai back to Johannesburg.
Now, I was on my way to Durban...

To work with tv/radio presenter Phat Joe,
on a new tv dating show.
And he was not normally dressed like this...

After six successful seasons on British tv,
the show will soon be seen on SABC1

Why a lighting tech needs gas I have NO idea!

The outside broadcast vehicle was actually INSIDE the venue.
We were recording at the ICC in Durban

Let the rehearsals begin...

On a tv shoot it is ALWAYS the audio department that holds up EVERYTHING.
They, of course, always deny this accusation.

What did we do before cell phones?
Mpho and Trevor take time out to check theirs...

I was about to tinkle these ivories,
and then I read the sign...
so I took a picture instead

Rent-a-crowd, ICC style
At least they were on time every day

KZN is the home of the White Rhino.
And I stumbled across this one on my way back to my hotel

I also discovered this gem just behind the ICC

At least the graffiti has a message

Hang 'em high?
Part of the rigging

The "living wall" outside the smoking area

I am not sure if the roots are keeping the wall up,
or vice versa

Remember these?
Does anyone still use them?

Why would passengers buy extensions at an airport?

And why do Correctional Services advertise here?
What sort of message are they sending to our International visitors?

Time to board the plane for home...
It was so good to be able to carry my luggage on board,
thus being able to watch the majority of passengers
 standing at the baggage carousel in Johannesburg.
If it was not for my camera kit, I could get used to travelling like this!

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